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Minimum Email Find Rate Performance Clause
Minimum Email Find Rate Performance Clause
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In our commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and efficiency in the user experience with our services, we require that the rate of emails found through searches conducted by a user on our platform must not fall below 5% over a continuous 10-day evaluation period.

Should a user's account display an email find rate lower than this 5% threshold during the aforementioned period, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend access to our service for that account. This suspension is intended to uphold the integrity and efficiency of our service for all users.

The user whose account is subject to such suspension will be notified via email and will have the opportunity to contact our customer service to discuss steps to restore access to their account. This may include a reassessment of the search methods used or training to optimize the use of our platform.

We are committed to providing support and guidance to help our users achieve and maintain the required standards and to fully benefit from our services.


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