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How to add users to your account?
How to add users to your account?
Written by Jordan Blanchard
Updated over a week ago

Firstly, it's important for you to know that account sharing is only available if you have subscribed to a plan that includes this feature.

Now that you are aware, let's continue!

Here is the procedure:

1) Account Creation

All users you wish to link to your account must create their own free account here:

2) Inform us

Once all users have created their accounts, you need to inform us which user you want to link to your account by sharing their email address with us.

3) We'll take care of it

Finally, we will link the accounts associated with yours from our end. All credits associated with your account will be shared among all users. Therefore, if a user runs out of credits, they can use those of a colleague who still has some.

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