How do credits works?
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There is only one type of credit, there is no specific credit for phone and specific credit for email.

Datagma credits can be used for both email and phone searches.

To summarize:

1 credit = 1 email

75 credits = 1 mobile phone number

All unused credits roll over to the next month.

We only charge at success, if we do not find any data, we don't charge you.

So if we do not find an email, we do not charge you any credit. Same for a phone.

If the email given is a catchall, we do not charge you. We only charged for verified email.

However; if you use Full Enrichment by API or File Upload, and if we don't find any email, we will still charge you for any piece of data we retrieve, like gender or company data.

If you want to be charged only when we find an email, you need to use the Find Email enrichment or Find Email API. In this situation, we do not give any other information than the email.

Once you buy a package of credits, you spend your credits how you want for emails or phone numbers.
For example, if you have 8000 credits, you can search 8000 emails or 106 phones (8000/75 = 106), or 4000 emails and 53 phones (4000 credits used to find the phone, and the remaining 4000 credits used to find 53 phones).

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