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Remove your data from Datagma
Remove your data from Datagma
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From where does our data come?

We generate different possible patterns to find an email address and ping the SMTP server. We do not collect email anywhere on the web. There is no email database.

Phone number: We don’t have any database of phone numbers.

When you ask for a phone number, we interrogate different third-party services by sending them some information about the targeted person (Social media URL).

If they have the data, they respond to us with a potential phone number, and we deliver the data to you and store it for 30 days. We erase the data after this delay. So we act like an intermediate and don’t own the data.

We do not have any database of contact.

If you read the paragraph just before, you understand that we do not have a contact database, as we do every process in real time, so we can’t remove your data from a database that does not exist.

However, we can do something else: We can put your name on an exclusion list that prohibits any user from typing your name or anything related to you in our search engine 🙂

This way, nobody can find you. To do that, you have to fill out this form :

  • Please indicate your name (nobody can search based on your name)

  • Indicate your LinkedIn URL (nobody can search based on your URL)

  • Indicate your email address (nobody can search based on your email;

We will inform you by email when you are on the exclusion list (if you fill in your email). We never take more than 7 days to process your ask.

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